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About My Asia Office

My Asia Office is a full service sourcing solution for any size merchant. We'll find the best manufacturers for your products and handle the entire process until your goods are at your door. Whether you're bringing a new product to market, hoping to improve current product cost and quality or just want a hands-off sourcing solution, we have the experience to meet your needs.


Optimize Small Batch Production

Consolidate your less than container loads on full 45ft containers.  We export from multiple cities and regions each week to maximize freight savings. Deliver lower minimum order quantities (MOQ) by working with the factory directly and leveraging scale to cut fixed costs.

Price Reduction

We leverage a network of factories and agents to source products from multiple parties on your behalf. We can generally cut your item costs using factories that can consistently meet your lead times. We manage the relationship to avoid constant price increases and changes. We automate our supply chain and deliver operational savings by freeing your staff up from having to communicate with factories and suppliers.  Manage payments and ensure you receive your goods as expected.


Certain customers may apply and be eligible for payment terms and purchase order financing.

Risk Reduction & Compliance

Meet customs and compliance requirements on your behalf and act as the importer of record as well as offering insurance on approved products for companies.    Manage your requirements as far as carton markings, UPCs, literature inserts, branding and custom requirements.

Sampling & New Product Sourcing

Sample and manage product quality.  Expand potential partners by sourcing product from multiple regions and countries

Quality Management & Lead Times

Improved lead times by monitoring production timelines and checkpoints Find additional factories to produce goods on your behalf, or rapidly source generic goods if your current partners are unable to meet your demand

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